ZEP Communications Kit

Download and use a wide variety of CCS communications materials

  • CCS Symbol

    • The multi-stakeholder community - industry, governments, scientists, academics, researchers and NGOs - that has recognised the vital role of CCS in combatting climate change now have a symbol to display and communicate their unity and support for the technology.

      Created and trademarked by ZEP, the CCS symbol has been endorsed by the European Commission and directly addresses the previous lack of visual associations with CCS, thereby rendering the technology and its benefit - the dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions from power plants and heavy industry - recognisable and positive.

      The CCS symbol is free for download by all members of the CCS stakeholder and supporter community for use in all mediums.

      Please click here to download the CCS symbol

  • CCS Animations

  • CCS Leaflet

    • Download:
      EN ES IT RO

      Leaflet outlining why CCS is necessary, how it works and why CO2 can be safely and permanently stored.

  • CCS Powerpoint

    • Download:

      This PowerPoint presentation clearly outlines why we need CCS, how it works, why storing CO2 safely and permanently far below the earth's surface effectively closes the carbon loop and what is required for rapid and widespread deployment.

  • ZEP News Feed Widget

    • Installation Instructions

      The ZEP News Widget allows you to show the latest in Carbon Capture and Storage news from around the world under the topics of Projects & Communities, Technology and Policy & Regulation.

      With this widget you can easily place it on your website with just 2 lines of code. The widget will update in real time with news published on the ZEP website.