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Reuse of unspent NER300 funds (1)

An important opportunity has arisen to utilise unspent NER300 funds and deliver tangible progress ... More »

CCU in the EU ETS: ZEP Policy Briefing, November 2016

In April 2016 the Zero Emission Platform (ZEP) published a report on Carbon Capture and ... More »

CCU - Carbon Capture and Utilisation

ZEP Network Technology produced a report on Carbon Capture and Use/Utilization (CCU) in April 2016, ... More »

CCS: an essential technology to reconcile EU energy security with climate objectives

Together with renewables and energy efficiency, CCS is a key technology to improve EU energy ... More »


Marie Donnelly (EC DG Energy) at ZEP...

Introduction to Marie Donnelly,...

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ZEP Highlights

CCS PowerPoint Presentation

  • Publisher: Zep
  • Issued: 13/04/2010

This PowerPoint presentation clearly outlines why we need CCS, how it works, why storing CO2 safely and permanently far below the earth's surface effectively closes the carbon loop and what is required for rapid and widespread deployment.


ZEP report on long-term CCS R&D

  • Publisher: ZEP
  • Issued: 17/03/2010

Experts within ZEP's Taskforce Technology have published a key report which identifies key areas for further R&D into next-generation CCS technologies. These key R&D areas must be initiated immediately to enable rapid and wide deployment of CCS post-2020.

EU CCS demonstration requirements

  • Publisher: ZEP
  • Issued: 22/01/2010

ZEP has outlined the minimum requirements for the implementation of the EU CCS demonstration projects, including the need for national regulatory frameworks for CCS to be in place by end-2010 at the latest to fulfill the EU's request for a 2015 demonstration start.

The hard facts behind CCS

  • Publisher: ZEP
  • Issued: 12/12/2009

Leaflet outlining why CCS is necessary, how it works and why CO2 can be safely and permanently stored.


ZEP report on CCS knowledge-sharing

  • Publisher: ZEP
  • Issued: 02/10/2009

ZEP’s proposal describes how knowledge sharing within an EU CCS demonstration programme can help overcome the final barriers to the deployment of CCS.


ZEP response to EC NER300 allocation draft

  • Publisher: ZEP
  • Issued: 18/09/2009

ZEP outlines its reactions to the European Commission's draft decision on the allocation of NER allowances and its impact on a successful EU CCS demonstration programme.

Implementation of New Entrant Reserve Funding

  • Publisher: ZEP
  • Issued: 30/06/2009

ZEP's recommendations on the implementation of the New Entrant Reserve Fund (NER) – focusing on the issues of EUA disbursement and timing as they impact CCS projects.


Implementation of the New Entrant Reserve Funding - ZEP Recommendations

  • Publisher: ZEP
  • Issued: 09/06/2009

ZEP recommendations to the European Commission on determining the allocation of the New Entrant Reserve and the implementation of, specifically, the CCS demonstration projects whose funding it is intended to support.


EU Demonstration Programme for CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS)

  • Publisher: ZEP
  • Issued: 10/11/2008

ZEP's proposal on the most extensive study ever undertaken on how an EU CCS demonstration programme could work; what it should cover; how it could be funded; and what steps must be taken to ensure it is up and running by 2015 in order for CCS to be commercially viable by 2020.