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  • Date: 23/03/2017
  • Category: ZEP news

Unlocking Clean Growth through Carbon Capture and Storage 2017 European Parliament Hearing on CCS On 23rd March 2017 (10:00-12:00), Lambert Van Nistelrooij MEP hosted a high-level meeting to discuss the potential for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to contribute towards meeting Europe's energy, climate and industrial goals. Through a series of moderated panel discussions, the event explored the role of CCS in reducing Europe's carbon dioxide emissions, unlocking clean growth and sustainable jobs through CCS, and considered the respective roles of the EU and Member States in unlocking innovation and accelerating progress on CCS. MEPs from across the poltical spectrum participated in the event alongside high profile speakers from a range of organisations and institutions, including the European Commision, the Norwegian Government, the International Energy Agency (IEA), the European Trade Union Congress (ETUC), the Port of Rotterdam, HeidelbergCement, Gassnova, ZEP, and Bellona Europa. Hosted by Lambert Van Nistelrooij MEP, the event was held in partnership with the European Zero Emission Technology and Innovation Platform (ZEP), the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the International Energy Agency, and Gassnova, the state-owned company responsible for CCS in Norway.     On the same day ZEP published its 5th annual Market Economics report "CCS and Europe's Contribution to the Paris Agreement - Modelling least-cost CO2 reduction pathways". The report estimates that the value of CCS to the EU could exceed €1 trillion between now and 2050, and that CCS could be worth more than €50 billion each year thereafter.