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26th Sept 2018 - ZEP event on the EU Strategy for long-term emissions reduction

  • Date: 06/09/2018
  • Category: ZEP news

‘Low Emission, High Ambition: a Just Transition to a Net-Zero Europe’ 26th September   BOZAR- Brussels Centre for Fine Arts 11am-3pm     The European Zero Emission Technology and Innovation Platform (ZEP) is holding an event on the EU’s Strategy for long-term greenhouse gas emissions reduction on the 26th September.   The Paris Agreement commits 192 countries to reaching net-zero emissions in the second half of the century. The EU’s position as a global leader on climate action requires it to move as quickly as possible towards this goal, while ensuring a fair and sustainable transition.   To do so, solutions are needed which can provide deep emissions reduction across emission intensive areas of the economy- manufacturing, heat, transport, and power. Almost all modeling also indicates the need to develop technologies for negative emissions in the second half of the century, to offset the hardest to abate emissions. Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) can enable deep emissions reduction across these areas and is essential to doing so at an acceptable cost.   It is expected that the EU’s draft Strategy for long-term greenhouse gas emissions reduction will be published ahead of COP24 in December, and this will send a clear signal to industry and Member States on the way forward. This event will bring together delegates from industry, the European Institutions and civil society to discuss whether it is possible to have a long-term emissions reduction strategy without including CCUS; and to address some of the key debates around the value of CCUS to a net zero economy. Please register with if you would like to attend.